Saturday 27 June 2009


Tim Parkin said...

Thanks for the ping! I'm still interested in the chasm between classical landscape photography and contemporary landscape 'art' - I'm definitely tipping towards the former but leave myself open to influence.. Love the 8x10 btw - would love to play with one..

Andrew Bruce said...

Hi Tim, there was a bit of me that hoped you wouldn't read this post!

But yes, I read the comments below your post about Jem with absolute fascination!
I did not realise some people were so critical of the fine-art photography world, and I especially didn't expect to find such feelings coming from view-camera users (who technically I'd say, share a great kinship with most fine-art photographers, with a similar passion for quality, tonality and the patience to match.. we are much more similar than your average dslr-toting amateur or fashion photographer at least).

I do indeed prefer the idea more than the aesthetic.. (is it possible to prefer an aesthetic without understanding the idea I wonder). I find the light bouncing off my desk just as beautiful, if not more, than your average photograph of a sunset, and not to mention, to capture the beauty of the light on my desk - now that would be a challenge!