Wednesday 28 July 2010

found imagery...


Dianne said...

Yeah, a girl at my work got bitten by a fox and sold her story to the sun just after the babies thing. There may have been a 'debate' in the office which involved me asking her quite reasonably why she left her window open to let the fox in, and isn't she glad it was just a fox and not some smackhead who broke in and bit her on the foot?

I hope she spent her money well. Contributing to Tory propaganda is not ok.

The funniest part was that the fox came into her bedroom window, bit her on the foot, then the next day did it AGAIN. You'd think you would close the fucking window after the first time, wouldn't you?! Apparently the foxes keep stealing her shoes as well.

We had a fox called Henry in my old flat. Sometimes I would wake up and he would be sat on my windowsill watching me. I was on the first floor. I've got no idea how he got up there.

He was lovely.

Helen said...

oh dear not the fox hunting debate.