Saturday 21 March 2020

I provide consultancy on Cultural Heritage Imaging.

Key services I can provide:

  • Imaging Standards.
    • Consultancy on how to meet Imaging Standards; Metamorfoze, FADGI and ISO19264.
    • Developing in-house standards.
    • Producing practical guidelines for meeting imaging standards.
    • Advice on hardware and software for meeting imaging standards.
    • Delivering training on meeting Imaging Standards.
  • Colour management.
    • Screen calibration.
    • Device charicterisation.
    • Testing colour accuracy.
    • Colour space advice.
  • Technical photography.
    • UV Luminescence.
    • Camera modification.
    • View camera operation.
    • X-Radiography.
  • Equipment testing.
    • Testing device MTF/SFR.
    • Testing tone response / linearity.
    • Testing colour accuracy.
    • Testing noise levels.
    • Testing illumination uniformity.
    • Testing for geometric distortion.
  • Equipment Procurement and Optimisation.
    • Advice on imaging equipment refreshes or fit-outs.
    • Advice on imaging studio environment, layout, design, lighting.
    • Advice on equipment procurement for projects.
  • Developing Workflows.
    • Designing workflows for a range of projects.
    • Advice on workflow automation and software solutions.
  • Quality Management.
    • Designing QA checks for imaging.
    • QA training and demonstration.
    • What targets to use?
    • What QA software to use?
  • Lighting for 3D objects and Photogrammetry.
  • Lighting for 2D flat objects.
  • Transmissive object capture.
  • Mosaic capture, registration and stitching.
  • Advanced lighting techniques.
    • Cross-polarisation.
    • Raking Light.
  • Photogrammetry capture and processing.
  • Long-term digital file preservation.

I can provide consultancy, on-site training and written guidelines. I have provided Imaging Consultancy to a number of local and national museums, archives and libraries. Please get in touch for more details or to discuss a project/training need.

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